NO-TAPE Silicon Bonding Adhesive
no-tape Congratulations!
You've taken the first step in offering your customers a valuable service. Now you can perform the same procedures that large hair replacement salons offer. A medically safe, contact, liquid adhesive. Hypo-allergenic. Typically holds for 4-6 weeks.
no-tape THE TOPSOL BONDING KIT has been designed with you the professional in mind. The KIT offers a simple and effective way to bond hair units, for up to month. Hypo-allergenic, waterproof, high quality tape does not separate when removed. NO-TAPE can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter or full head bonding.
Remove of the Hair Unit
TOPSOL adhesive solvent will help remove the hair unit quickly and efficiently. Apply it to a cotton swab, and lifting the sides of the unit, dab it onto the adhesive. Start with the forehead first, and work around the head. CAUTION: Keep the adhesive solvent away from eyes. In case of contact flush eyes with water. As the adhesive loosens, gently peel the sides of the unit up, and reapply the solvent as needed, to ease the hair unit off. Trim any excess adhesive from the hair, once the unit has been removed.

With any hair care procedure you must check the scalp thoroughly. Any unhealthy scalp condition like irritated, infected, or abraded skin, should be noted. Do not attempt the bonding procedure, if one or more of these conditions exist.

Preparation of Scalp and Hair Unit
step 2
In the majority of cases the scalp will have a pre-cut bonding track. If so, prepare the track by cutting the regrowth to approximately 1/8th inch high. If no track exists, move on to the next step.
Remove excess tape on the hair unit, by spraying it with solvent, and peeling it off. Wipe away any remaining residues or oils. AVOID CONDITIONERS, which can leave oils, and affect adhesive strength. Dry the scalp and hair unit completely.

step 4
Position the hair unit on the head. When you reattach, you'll need to know exactly how and where to place the unit. With a water soluble marker like an eyebrow pencil, lightly outline the outer edge of the unit, onto the customers hairline and forehead. After marking, remove the hair unit.
step 5
Apply TOPSOL NO-Tape to the hair in the bonding track, from one temple to the other. Do not include the forehead. Spread the NO-Tape using the enclosed spatula into a thin band, approximately 1/2" wide. Be careful not to get the NO-tape in the surrounding hair. Allow the NO-Tape to dry.
step 6

While the NO-Tape adhesive is drying on your customer, begin work on the hair unit. Peel off the backing of the TOPSTICK double sided strips. Starting at one temple, place the strips all the way around to the other temple, overlapping them as you go. At this time, leave the forehead section of the hair unit alone. Use curved "Custom Cut" strips where needed and trim the strips if necessary, to fit. If you desire a more aggressive hold, substitute the roll of TOPSOL opaque tape for the TOPSTICK stripes.

Apply TOPSOL NO-Tape to the TOPSTICK strips. Start with one temple on the unit and work around to the other, using the spatula to spread the NO-Tape. Do not apply TOPSOL NO-Tape to the front of the hair unit. Allow 3-5 minutes for the NO-Tape to dry.

step 8
Peel the backing from a TOPSTICK Custom Cut "Fronts" and press in onto the front of the unit, as illustrated. Do not add TOPSOL No-Tape to the double sided frontal tape. The double sided TOPSTICK tape is all that's needed, to secure the hair unit to the forehead. Additional front strips are included, for periodic changing.
step 9
Place the front of the hair unit on the head, slightly behind the position line made in STEP 4. Starting from the front portion, work the hair unit from side to side, as you apply pressure from front to back. MAKE SURE ALL MARKINGS MATCH, and are covered by unit. PRESS FIRMLY on all outer edgers, for a complete bond.
STEP 10:
Style the hair like you would normally. Remind your customer not to shampoo for 24 hours. Ask them not to use conditioners, which can affect the length of bonding.

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